We Pay YOU at closing!

Insight Realty, LLC is a licensed Pennsylvania real estate broker and by using us in your transaction, we will rebate 50% of the buyer-agent commission to you at closing. The process is very simple.

In a traditional real estate transaction, the seller pays a 6% or more commission to the listing agent upon the sale of the property.  If the buyer was represented by a buyer's agent who procured the sale, then usually half of that amount, or 3% of the commission is paid to the broker for the buyer.  Traditionally,  the Buyer's broker then divides this amount between himself and the buyer's agent.  Insight Realty has cut out the middleman because it is both broker and agent.  

For example, on a sale of a $500,000 house, the buyer-side commission owed to Insight Realty is 3%, or $15,000.  On the settlement statement Insight Realty rebates $7,500 to the buyer, thereby reducing the buyer's cash needed to close by $7,500.  The buyer now has an extra $7,500 in their pocket after closing!  This kind of deal used to be reserved for close friends and family of real estate agents, but due to our business model, everyone gets to save money.

Many are familiar with the term "seller assist," which is where a seller pays part of the buyer's closing costs by giving the buyer a credit at closing.  A commission rebate is essentially the same thing, but it comes from your broker, not the seller.  You usually have to negotiate and plead with the seller for seller's assist, but not so with the commission rebate. Below is an example of how the commission rebate shows up on the settlement statement:

There is practically no difference between Insight Realty and a "traditional" broker except we offer a rebate and they don't!   

Contact us at 412-414-9644 with any questions. We'd be happy to answer them.

*Some restrictions apply.  Rebate subject to lender approval if obtaining certain types of financing.  Rebate subject to minimum commission to Insight Realty, LLC of $4,000.  See representation agreement for more terms and detail.  No legal services offered or provided. Rebate is not a prize or gift. Must close transaction with Insight Realty, LLC as buyer's broker with commission paid to Insight Realty, LLC from seller or seller's broker to obtain rebate.  Commission rebate not available where Insight Realty is listing broker, or on commercial or investment properties.  Rebate may be reduced if client introduction came via a third party website, broker, or agent.