​Insight Realty, LLC is a member of the West Penn Multi-List

*Some restrictions apply.  Rebate subject to lender approval if obtaining certain types of financing.  See representation agreement for more terms and detail. No legal services offered or provided. Rebate is not a prize or gift. Must close transaction with Insight Realty, LLC as buyer's broker with commission paid to Insight Realty, LLC from seller or seller's broker to obtain rebate.  Commission rebate not available where Insight Realty is listing broker.  Rebate may be reduced if you were referred by a third party broker, agent, or broker website.

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50% commission rebate to buyers and lower commissions for sellers

A Better Way to Buy and Sell

Insight Realty is a Pennsylvania real estate broker based in the Pittsburgh area that specializes in buyer's agent representation and offers a 50% commission rebate. The commission rebate saves the buyer significant amounts on their closing costs and can dramatically reduce their cash needed at closing. Insight Realty also represents sellers and offers a 4.5% commission that includes full-service representation. Insight Realty can represent buyers anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania. If you are looking for a Realtor rebate, luxury home agent, or discount broker, Insight Realty is the broker for you.    

The Commission Rebate Program:​

Here Are the Five Simple Steps for a Buyer to Obtain a 50% Commission Rebate:

1. Search for your dream home
  • Search the MLS on websites like Zillow.com, Realtor.com, or other websites 
  • Take a drive in your favorite neighborhood
  • Get pre-approved from a lender if you will be using one    

​2. Make a list of possible homes and schedule appointments
  • If the houses are in the Pittsburgh area, have us set up the appointments and we'll show you them for free
  • If the houses are not in the Pittsburgh area,  you can attend an open house or call the listing agent for a showing and they should show you the house
  • Do not sign any contracts with the listing agent if you are considering using us for the commission rebate.
  • Under Pennsylvania law, you are not represented by an agent until you have a written agreement with an agent. 
  • If you have not signed a contract with Insight Realty, LLC, you are not represented by us yet either

3.  You have found your dream home!

  • A broker will negotiate your deal and write your offer
  • A broker will perform a comparative market analysis on your offer
  • You will receive and review all necessary documents

​4. The offer is accepted! 

  • You will be advised of important contract dates and deadlines

​5.  Closing 

  • Your agent and title company will continue to update you
  • A broker will review your closing documents
  • You will receive a rebate of 50% of the buyer-agent commission (usually this will be 1.5% of the purchase price based on a 3% buyer-agent commission​) at closing.